SRI accomplishes this mission through its two core programs - The Science of Selling® and The Science of Living.™

The internationally acclaimed Science of Selling® sales process methodology provides the sales team with a measurable sales process that integrates business, sales, and life skills to more quickly and profitably guide the customer through the selling process.

The Science of Living™ life-balance methodology integrates wide-ranging research including brain science, psychology, and human achievement into an easy to implement process to better adapt and flourish in a 24/7 connected world.

Since its inception over two decades ago, SRI has been privileged to partner with diverse small, medium, and respected Fortune 500 companies such as GE, McGraw-Hill, HP, Avnet, Reed Eisevier, Agfa, Microsoft, Motorola, and 3M.

Bob Petrossi founded SRI in 1990 to help businesses improve sales productivity and profitability.

Bob is also creator of the Science of Selling,® sales process methodology, which he developed through 15 years of research and experience. During the last two decades over 30,000 business professionals throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas have attended Science of Selling® workshops.

More recently, Bob created The Science of Living™ life-balance methodology. This groundbreaking program is designed to help individuals better adapt to stress fueled by 24/7 connectivity.

Prior to founding SRI, Bob uniquely distinguished himself by establishing sales records in four unrelated industries. He has also held the titles of regional sales manager, vice-president of sales, and director of training and development for several Fortune 500 companies.

Bob's innovative learning techniques and values-based philosophy have made The Science of Selling® and The Science of Living™ a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience that continues to enhance the lives of business professionals around the world.

  • Overview
  • Success Formula
  • Workshop

The Science
of Selling®

Professional selling is like a decathlon. And like a decathlete, if a salesperson is not proficient in all the key disciplines of selling, they might find themselves out of the competition.

The Science of Selling® provides sales professionals with a competitive edge by seamlessly integrating wide-ranging business, sales and life skills into an easy to implement process that can be measured and continually improved.

During the workshop, participants learn skills and tools that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their business.

After the workshop is completed, participants leave with usable skills and tools to:

  • Quickly earn the trust and confidence of the customer
  • Pinpoint the customer's needs and decision-making process
  • Efficiently share customer needs with support resources
  • Map solutions to specific customer needs
  • Plan tactical sales strategies
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Improve closing ratios
  • And better analyze why sales are won or lost

Believe In

Believe In Your Company's Vision,
Values, Products, and Services

Find People Who Can Be Helped
By Your Products and Services

Help People Make Buying Decisions
That Are In Their Best Interest

The Level Of Your Success Is Determined By The Number Of People You Help

"He profits most who serves best"

The Science
of Selling®

  • The Science and Art of Selling
  • Learning How to Learn
  • Earning People's Trust
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency to Buy Through Questions and Listening
  • Effective Account Strategy Planning
  • How and When to Present Your Solution
  • Reasons and Remedies for Objections
  • Closing Naturally, Confidently, and Often
  • Win-Win Negotiations
  • Forecasting Your Success
  • Prospecting: Finding People to Help
  • Effective Time Utilization
  • Brain Literacy and Creativity
  • Stress Reduction
  • The Power of Goal Setting
  • The Action Plan
  • Overview
  • Success Formula
  • Workshop

The Study:
5 million participants
400 companies
60 countries

The Finding:
39% of employees work-life
is out of balance

The Consequences:
Poor health & well-being
Strained relationships
Reduced corporate profits

The Science
of Living™

According to the World Health Organization, stress fueled by 24/7 connectivity is the new "health epidemic of the 21st century."

While the physical effects of this epidemic are obvious, the economic consequences are shocking.

Workplace stress costs U.S. employers an estimated $300 billion per year in absenteeism, lower productivity, turnover and other stress-related expenses.

In fact, many experts believe that stress management may be business's most important challenge of the 21st century.

The roots of stress- personal conflicts, addictions, and lack of balance in our lives can be directly attributed to the thousands of unconscious choices we make every day at work and home.

The Science of Living™ was developed to provide individuals with essential life skills, tools and knowledge to make better choices at home and work for improved well-being and greater productivity.

The Science of Living™ life-balance methodology encompasses training, motivational lectures, seminars, workshops and consulting services in holistic health, wellness, and stress management.

The Science
of Living™


A person's values and beliefs help to determine their attitudes.


A positive attitude, healthy self-image, initiative, ambition, perseverance, determination, and a passion for knowledge are prerequisites for mastering the art of living in a connected world.

Life Skills & Knowledge

However, even with a positive mental attitude, if an individual is unaware of the essential life-skills and knowledge needed to adapt and flourish in a connected world, responding to life's situations often turns into a guessing game with little or no control over the outcome.


A positive attitude combined with an awareness of the essential life-skills and knowledge needed to flourish in a connected world will have little or no value if the information learned is forgotten or not properly applied to life's daily situations.


When a person consciously applies the right life-skills and knowledge to life's daily situations, a result occurs that can then be analyzed and continually improved.


The routine application of essential life-skills and knowledge results in a more productive, healthier and happier life.

The Science
of Living™

1. Understand Yourself

  • Memory & Retention
  • Brain Science
  • Life-Span Development
  • Self Discipline
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mental and Physical Health

2. Understand People

  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Trust Building
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Social Media

3. Understand Achievement

  • Thinking
  • Genius & Creativity
  • Visualization
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

4. Understand Happiness

  • Defining Happiness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • Well-being

5. Understand Change

  • Life-Balance Self-Assessment
  • Personal Growth Plan
  • How to Be Your Own Guru

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